• 10 progressive learning dance/fitness classes - released on Mondays - 1.25 hours each

  • Classes Include - Warm up, floor exercises, upper body, cardio, cool down, stretching & relaxation

  • 2 BONUS 30 min. high intensity classes Midpoint & End Dancing & Stretching Only

  • Unlimited 24/7 online access, 13+ weeks. Video format is easily catered to your own needs.

  • Jazz, Funk, Hiphop, Swing, Latin, Bollywood, Line Dance... and more. Learn 7 dance routines simple to complex

  • All Ages, All Abilities - No Experience Needed - Beginners Welcome

Course Curriculum Outline

Social Proof: Testimonials

“I am loving the online session so far! I love the flexibility of the online class which makes it easy for me to do the class at my own convenience, whenever I’m able to! It brings me so much joy to dance in my living room and learn some new routines. I feel great! It’s clear that you know your Dance Movers very well from the sections/movements you know to go over a few times! You are a very positive and encouraging person and your comments have made me smile and even laugh out loud on a few occasions. ”


“I have never been able to follow dance/fitness classes, but the way Linda breaks down the moves... and the possibility to rewind the videos, slow them down (yes, I am running at 0.5x the speed) and practice is amazing! Thank you for catering to all levels and always mentioning how to do a move differently for beginners. ”


“I can see you. I can hear you. I don’t miss any classes. I dance multiple times per wk. I save travel time. THE BEST!! ”

Deanna N.

“It is so great to be back!!! Since moving to Calgary 20 years ago, I have continued to miss Dance Moves so much. This is such a great opportunity to be able to participate again. Thanks Linda! ”

Mary Ellen K.

“Oh my gosh, the music is awesome! As usual :) Thanks, Linda, can't imagine getting through the past two years now without this class!!! Which by the way often felt like a private class with your encouraging comments and smiling face!”

Marina M.

“I want to thank you for providing me the opportunity to return to Dance Moves. I have truly improved, from start to finish, my strength, stamina, flexibility and mental well being. As an example my hips and knees were stiff and I couldn't do some of the stretches well. My knees no longer hurt and my flexibility has improved exponentially. Thank you again.”

Joanne B.

“What a marvelous session. You have lifted my spirits and enhanced my physical and mental well-being more than you will ever know. Look forward to your next session to keep me grounded. Grazie! ”

Lisa B.

“Making time for this in my home means I'm stronger, calmer, energized & smiling more, which makes everyone around me feel the same. Thank you Linda & Dance Moves! You rock!!! ”

Michelle B

“ I can’t wait for the next class! I just hook my phone up to my TV and boom full-on dance class in my family room every day! ”

Leslie M.

“Looking forward to the next set of lessons, which I do from Vancouver over FaceTime with my mom who is in Edmonton - it has been so much fun!! ”